The OMC is making our dream of bringing birth back to Akwesasne with a Birth Center, a reality. We have implemented a fundraising strategy to help us reach our goal of $3 Million.

It has always been the dream of many an Akwesasne Midwife to have our own Birthing Center in our territory. Cost, Time and Support have all been factors in deterring that from happening. Until now. The team at the Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective feel it is our time.

Jasmine Benedict, a midwife in Akwesasne has been working with Akwesasronon and Indigenous families for the past 15 years and has seen the necessity for birth to be brought back to Akwesasne. As a mother of seven children,  Jasmine believes each pregnancy and birth is a unique and precious experience in which the mother should be the foundation.

Inspired by her personal midwife experiences, Jasmine resolved to help other women have a more personalized method of reproductive care. Jasmine’s family instilled in her a strong sense of family, community, culture and self- values which guide her throughout her everyday life.

The team at OMC have plans for 6,000 square foot, state of the art facility designed by a Passive Haus Certified engineer, which will not only meet, but exceed the standard for environmentally eco-conscious and  sustainable building. By utilizing these components and ideas, we are ensuring that Future Ancestors arrive safely. With your help, we can achieve this and begin to exceed the standards of care for women and families birthing in Akwesasne.

(Excerpt from Story of an Elder, written by Salli Benedict and Jasmine Benedict)

“Ernest was 92 years old when he went over to the Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs office in Tekaswenkarorens and he stood in the bookstore-office that is at the front of the building and looked around for a little while getting his bearings. He then announced with a smile on his face and pointing to an area near the front of the building, that this is the place he was born. The exact place in Akwesasne which belonged to him.”

By submitting a donation here you are contributing to the efforts of having our Future Ancestors to be born with this same, proud sentiment, and historical tie to Akwesasne. The Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective Birth Center is being built on the foundation that our babies deserve to arrive among the history and old knowledge once utilized by our great grandmothers. To be born at home, on our own lands; what can be better than that!

Our Goal is to begin breaking ground by Fall 2021. All funds raised will be strictly utilized for this capital project. We know that we come from a generous community, which is one of the reasons we are reaching out,  and our brothers and sisters across Turtle Island can also help us reach our financial goal quickly. We humbly appreciate and are extremely grateful for your generous donation of any amount.

 If you have any questions, please contact the Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective via FB, instagram, email, or calling the office at 613-938-2229.

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