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Family Planning

Basal Body Temperature Tracking

Ways to Check Your Basal Body Temperature for Fertility

How to Start Cycle Syncing

Cervical Mucus + What to look for + How to chart

Prenatal Resources

OMC Birth Plan –

Other recommended birth plan –

Contraction Timer App – Full Term Contraction App

Choice of Birth Place Preparedness Checklist – We’ve prepared a checklist for you to use once you decide where you will give birth


Gestational Diabetes

Group B Strep

AOM GBS Handout

Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

Herbs safe for Pregnancy

AOM Hypertensive Disorders Handout

AOM In Due Time Handout – Pregnancy at 40+

AOM Iron Deficiency + Anemia Handout

Pelvic Visualization Video

Physical Activity in Pregnancy

Post Due Date

AOM Post Date Handout – When you go past your estimated due date

AOM Premature Water Break Handout

Smoking in Pregnancy

Walking Meditation

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

AOM VBAC Handout

Postpartum Resources

Hormonal Contraception

Non-Hormonal Contraception

AOM Life After PPH Handout – Information on Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety – Help for Moms


10 Reasons to Breastfeed – Located in Massena, NY – Snow Harper is an RN, IBCLC, CCE. – Jack Newman, The Newman Breastfeeding Clinic, International Breastfeeding Center.

Breastfeeding Resource – Coalition for Breastfeeding in the 5 Eastern Counties & Akwesasne



Local Circumcision + Frenectomy Doctor list

Diaper Rash Information

New Baby New Beginnings – New Baby New Beginnings – From Eastern Ontario Health Unit

The Period of Purple Crying

Safe Co-Sleeping Guidelines – Some of the issues to be concerned with as you make your own decisions about where and how your infant should sleep are covered here under.

AOM Jaundice Handout

AOM Normal Newborn Behaviour Handout

AOM Phototherapy Handout

Cultural Resources

Tom Porter is of the Bear Clan from the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne. In these videos, he shares some of his teachings with the Oneida Community. Tom explains the Welcoming Speech of the Newborn Part 1 and Welcoming Speech of the Newborn Part 2.

We carry a small variety of culturally sensitive material, such as Welcoming the Baby Card, Ononhkwa Picking Card, The Tooth Teaching Card, and the Leather Bracelet Teaching Card. For these items, please contact

Cultural Sensitivity Resources/Training Tools

Taking Care of Our Children – Facilitators Guide from the AOM

Conceptualizing Cultural Safety – Paper written by Sharon Yeung, McMaster University

Cultural Safety and Midwifery Care for Aboriginal Women – Research Paper From the Journal Elsevier

Cultural Safety – Research Paper written by Philip Brascoupe and Catherine Waters, Carleton University

Creating Cultural Safety – Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

Indigenous Midwifery

Stories and Teachings about Birth

Stories and Teachings about Infant Care

Bringing Birth Back

Landscape of Midwifery in Canada

Finding the Path: Becoming an Aboriginal Midwife

Aboriginal Midwifery in Practice: Understanding the Work of an Aboriginal Midwife

Restoration + Renewal: Aboriginal Midwifery in Canada

Mental Health Resources

Local Resources – General Health and Mental Health – Akwesasne

Call to find resources nearest you – 211

Pregnancy Loss

Iahki’nikonketskwas Good Grief Café – “Welcome to “Good Grief Cafe” !!! This is a safe place to just “be”, or to find other community members who are grieving. We will share stories, tips on how to deal with our losses and to laugh and relax. It is located at 27 Mose Cook Road, Akwesasne.” Look for their page on Facebook.


Chemical Pregnancy

Other Useful links

Local Chiropractors/Naturopaths/Massage Therapists/Acupuncturists – Local Services Resource

Jordan’s Principle

How to give the right amount of Acetaminophen Infographic

5 in 1 Newborn Bundle info sheet – 5 in 1 Newborn Bundle Info Sheet

Register your child for Status Card (Secure Certificate of Indian Status) – Registration Application

Register a birth in Ontario –

Register a birth in Quebec –

Register a birth in New York State –

Canada Child Tax Benefit –

Ontario Child Tax Credit –,if%20you%20are%20not%20working.

Quebec Family Allowance –

Midwifery Organizations

Gentle Beginnings Midwifery Resources – Gentle Beginnings is a midwifery practice in Cornwall, ON, who has so graciously allowed us use of their resources.

Association of Ontario

College of Midwives of

Canadian Association of

National Aboriginal Council of Midwives –

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