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Bringing birth back.

Step into a world where the dreams of indigenous people become reality, where birth reclaims its rightful place in Akwesasne. The Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective stands proudly at the forefront of this extraordinary movement, and we extend a heartfelt invitation to our beloved community and allies to join us in making history.

In the heart of Akwesasne, there is an urgent need for a Birth Center that cherishes the sacredness of this transformative journey. The current constraints of our humble 1200 sq. ft. renovated family homestead cannot dim our spirits. Instead, we are driven by a profound passion, unwavering determination, and the firm belief that our vision will manifest.

Throughout the years, we have actively pursued grants to pioneer innovative projects. As we expand our horizons, we have strategically crafted a multifaceted fundraising strategy. We have harnessed the power of a Go Fund Me campaign, kindled a vibrant t-shirt fundraising initiative, formed partnerships through sponsorships, and opened our doors to generous donations. These avenues, however, are only the beginning of our journey towards creating a new birth center and ensuring the lasting success of our flourishing programs and Human Resources, including the Indigenous Midwifery Student Training Program.

For countless generations, our community members of Akwesasne have longed for a birthing haven within our sacred territory. Challenges of cost, time, and support have stood in our way. But today, a new chapter unfolds. The time has come for the Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective to bring this dream to a reality. Together, we will etch our legacy in the annals of history.

Imagine an extraordinary 6,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, meticulously designed by a passionate and certified engineer dedicated to the principles of the Passive-House movement. This visionary construction surpasses eco-consciousness and sustainability benchmarks, becoming a sanctuary where Future Ancestors emerge into the world with the utmost safety and serenity, embraced in culture from the very beginnings. With your unwavering support, we will not only meet but exceed the prevailing standards of care for indigenous women and families giving birth in Akwesasne.

The story of Ernest, a revered elder from Akwesasne, who stood in the Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs office, epitomizes our purpose. At 92 years old, he pointed to a spot near the entrance, declaring with a radiant smile, "This is the place I was born. The exact place in Akwesasne that belonged to me." Our fervent wish is for every Future Ancestor to experience this profound connection, a proud sentiment interwoven into the rich history of Akwesasne. The Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective Birth Center will be the manifestation of this yearning, where our babies will enter the world amidst the echoes of ancient wisdom and ancestral knowledge imparted by our remarkable great-grandmothers.

Now, more than ever, we call upon the strength of our community, our allies, and the indomitable spirit within us all. Your contribution, whether through purchasing a t-shirt, making a cash donation, honorable e-transfer, or offering a heartfelt contribution on our Go Fund Me page, will ignite the flames of change. Together, we will forge a future where every new life entering Akwesasne is embraced with love, respect, and a profound connection to our shared heritage. Join us on this extraordinary journey and be part of a legacy that will resonate through the ages, for the betterment of indigenous peoples and all who support our cause.


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