The OMC Story

After many years of advocacy from Akwesasne community members who believed in the necessity of revitalizing birth to our own nation, the Onkwehón:we Midwives Collective (OMC) received funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in 2017, giving way to the establishment of our facility here in Akwesasne. Prior to this, Indigenous midwives were not funded or supported by the Ontario health system, making independent practice unsustainable. Since 2017, OMC has grown to become a federally-recognized non-profit organization with a strong, community-focused collective of Onkwehón:we Midwives, Apprentice Midwives, administrative professionals, traditional knowledge keepers, elders, and our expert Board of Directors. 

Located on the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation, OMC offers our culturally-safe and culturally-specific midwifery care to Akwesasró:non, and on occasion, offer support to members of our sister communities and other Onkwehón:we nations. Through providing culture-centered care, we aim to sustain our Onkwehón:we way of life. We perpetuate this connection by welcoming future ancestors in our traditional lands, with family and community surrounding the new faces and cradling them in our language, traditions, culture and medicines. 

Scope of Practice

Primary Care

If you utilize our services in a Primary Care capacity, our Indigenous midwives provide care to you and your family through prenatal visits, labor and birth, newborn visits up to six weeks and guidance through your postpartum journey.

Home Birth

We support Indigenous families’ self-determination when choosing to birth at home. Homebirth promotes a special bond to the land and the nation. As our primary focus, we provide home birth as a culturally-safe alternative to hospital birth, allowing for the new faces to be immersed in our culture from the start.

Supportive Care

At Onkwehón:we Midwives, we offer supportive care services that complement your obstetrician's primary care. Whether you're expecting twins, planning to give birth in a hospital, or having a planned Caesarean-section, we can assist you in a supportive capacity. Our collaborative approach ensures that we provide supplemental services tailored to your individual needs. Our supportive care services include prenatal care, labor/birth preparation, and support, as well as newborn and postpartum care. By working together with your primary care provider, we aim to promote a healthy and empowered pregnancy and postpartum period.