"Thank you so much for this!

I feel so full of good things. I appreciate the opportunity + I am honored!"

"I love and appreciate you so much.

You have done so much for me and my baby! I couldnt ask for more. Konnoronkwa<3"

"At a loss of words for how to thank you.

You & your family are beyond amazing. Nia:wen!"

"Everything you've done for me, I appreciate it tremendously.

Your knowledge is so valuable and I am extremely grateful that Ive had so many opportunities to learn & laugh from & with you."

"Thank you for being there throughout my happiness and the birth of my son <3

You have 'healing' hands and your aura creates a calmness in any room. I will always remember you, thank you for caring about me and my baby."

"Niawen for going above and beyond in providing care and support during my pregnancy & through labour and delivery.

You are an amazing midwife and my family and I appreciate all that you did, even stopping by the hospital during a difficult time."

"Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective was the best choice I made for my pregnancy."

"Every single tiny step of the way, my midwife was there. Even when there was other options, she still allowed me to make my choice and guided me. I’ve learned so much about birthing that I have been by my best friend’s side, being her person as OMC showed me. I’m truly grateful this program is here in Akwesasne. Many niawens ♥️♥️♥️"