Comprehensive Prenatal Care

Our Onkwehón:we Midwives provide complete care during pregnancy which includes regular prenatal visits, diagnostic testing, routine bloodwork and emotional support. Routine prenatal care promotes and ensures healthy habits during pregnancy and can detect any issues or concerns that may arise. We believe that every person has the sovereign right and ability to make their own choices in terms of their care and that of their baby.

Schedule of Prenatal Care Visits

Every 4 weeks until 28 weeks
Every 2 weeks from 28 – 36 weeks
Every week after 36 weeks
Between 36-38 weeks, at-home visit scheduled (for those planning a home birth)
Otherwise, the majority of prenatal appointments will take place at our office location.

What to expect during a visit:

In a prenatal visit, our Indigenous midwives will provide a maternal blood pressure check, assess your baby’s growth, heart rate and position and answer any questions or concerns you may be experiencing. During these visits your midwife will order all routine screening, bloodwork and ultrasounds, as required. Our Indigenous midwives will also prepare you with information on pregnancy, labor and birth and can also provide nutritional counseling, holistic education, bodywork and traditional medicines as indicated. Visits will last approximately 45 minutes-1 hour.

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