The Onkwehón:we Midwives Collective is a proud Family Spirit partner site. Family Spirit is an evidence-based home visiting program developed for and with Indigenous communities. Developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health in partnership with tribal communities, Family Spirit optimizes local cultural assets and resources.

The Family Spirit program aims to:

  • Increase parenting knowledge and skills;
  • Address maternal psychosocial risks that could interfere with positive child-rearing
  • Promote optimal physical, cognitive, social/emotional development for children from 0 to 3;
  • Prepare children for early school success;
  • Ensure children get recommended well-child visits and health care;
  • Link families to community services to address specific needs;
  • Promote parents' and children's life skills and behavioral outcomes across the lifespan.

You can find more information about Family Spirit here: