What is the lewiró:kwas Midwifery Training Program?

OMC saw the development of an Indigenous midwifery training program as an important step in ensuring the health and cultural sustainability of Akwesasne. It was designed to preserve cultural traditions, improve health outcomes, empower community members and address healthcare disparities.

Our Onkwehón:we midwifery training program empowers community members to take control of their own healthcare and become leaders in the healthcare field. Our 5-step training program allows students to gain certifications upon completion of each step, developing skills that will help support the Akwesasne community and prevent poor health outcomes.

This Akwesasne-based program contributes to the sustainability of midwifery within the community by building local capacity and expertise. Offered in a virtual, self-paced format, this program allows for accessibility and flexibility to completing your midwifery journey.