What is the Well-Woman Equity in Health Initiative?

Our Well-woman Equity in Health Initiative aims to rectify health disparities in maternal and reproductive care through the lifespan by providing opportunities for Indigenous clients to receive services from our paraprofessional partners that would otherwise not be covered by the standard healthcare plan. Our partnerships with holistic and alternative health practices include naturopathic care, nutritional support, pelvic floor physiotherapy, rehabilitative pilates, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and postpartum fitness.

Results so good, it'll make you say "WEH!"

Here's what our WEH! Clients have to say!

"The women’s health initiative introduced me to some wellness options I wouldn’t have explored otherwise and the partner support bundle was so helpful."


"The women's health initiative was really great and is much needed for both new moms and mothers with older children who are prioritizing their personal health postpartum and beyond in ways maybe never experienced before, niawen for the great work completed so far ðŸ™ŒðŸ½"


"I love all the amazing programs you offer, the women's health initiative was awesome! Allows mothers to see drs that they might not be able to afford while on maternity leave. Niawen"


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