Cultural & Other Workshops

In the Akwesasne community, midwifery is not just about delivering babies. It is about promoting holistic health and wellness, as well as preserving cultural traditions. To ensure that this vital knowledge and practice is passed onto future generations, it is essential that cultural workshops are made available to Akwesasró:non families.  In order to perpetuate our culture for the next generations, OMC offers various cultural workshops.

What is included at the workshops?

Past workshops include:

  • Cloth Diapering
  • Honoring the Matriarch Day of Self Care
  • Cooking with the Three Sisters, Herbal Medicine Teachings
  • Seed Saving and Planting, Horticulture Cultural Workshop, Beading
  • Basketweaving, Menstrual Pad making, Cradleboard-making and Teachings
  • Creating Your Birth Plan, as well as the crafting of heirloom artistry, such as cradleboards, deer-horn rattles, kastowas, baby moccasins, ribbon shirts, skirts & bonnets.

Upcoming events and workshops.

Mark your calendars for these great events coming up.