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Prenatal Care

From our lead Midwife, Jasmine:

“My work as a midwife is to support you medically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The work that we will do together will prepare your mind & body for the birth & care of your baby as well as being attentive to your postpartum recovery.”

Our Prenatal Services Include:

  • Monthly visits with our midwife until 28 weeks, biweekly visits up until 36 weeks, weekly visits up until the due date and two visits weekly for postdate pregnancies
  • A review of medical history, physical examination and labs, assessment of vitals, risk-screening, nutritional counseling and care
  • Assessment of the fetus : fetal heart tones, growth, positioning and amniotic fluid levels
  • Traditional and holistic medicine, emotional support
  • Referrals to outside care providers

Labor + Birth

As Onkwehon:we Midwives, we believe in the sovereign act of choosing a birthplace. Stemming from this belief, we support the choice of planned home birth as a safe option for healthy mothers. We provide medically and culturally safe midwifery care for planned home births. As Onkwehon:we Midwives, we pride ourselves in giving you the knowledge needed to make an informed choice for a birthplace that is right for you and your family.  Our Labor and Birth Support also includes:

  • Choice of birthplace with support
  • Doula labor and birth support
  • Herbs and traditional medicines
  • Postpartum support, delayed cord clamping & placenta medicine
  • Clinical assessments for mother and baby

Postpartum Care

In the immediate hours after your birth, whether it’s in a hospital or home setting, we remain with you until such time that we are sure you and the baby are well, and breastfeeding is well established.

The Postpartum Support from our Midwives include:

  • In-person clinical health assessments for mother and baby at 24hrs, 72hrs, and weekly from weeks 1 through 6
  • Newborn physical examination and screenings
  • Lactation Education and Support: We offer one-on-one breastfeeding support for the first year of life for the new baby
  • Perineal healing support + Postpartum Rehabilitation
  • Postpartum Wellness Education, Nutritional Counseling, and information for newborn care
  • Postpartum Meals delivered

If clients have questions or concerns that cannot wait for a scheduled postpartum visit, clients can call the clinic and speak to a midwife.

Holistic Health + General Wellness

In order to protect the vitality of our women in our community, we offer many well woman care services. We offer appointments for pap screening, breast exams, and routine sexual health screening for women throughout the lifespan, as well as the following services:

  • Pelvic Floor Health
  • Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation
  • Baby Baskets
  • Access to Traditional Medicines, Herbs and Tinctures
  • Access to free supplements such as Fish oil, Probiotics and Vitamin D.
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Talking Circles via FB
  • Many Cultural Workshops

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