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Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is an exciting time full of preparation and planning. It is an opportunity to get to know yourself and your spouse/ family/support system in a whole new way. It is our hope that the clients and families we work with have the support to really learn about their prenatal and birthing choices, make informed decisions, and have the opportunity to fully connect with their own experience of giving birth. Although this can be an exciting process and sometimes an overwhelming one, developing a trusting relationship with our clients and families is an important part of midwifery care.

During the initial visit, time is spent getting to know our client, their partner, their plans, and answering any questions or concerns about OMC midwifery care.  

After the initial visit prenatal visits will be scheduled for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy every four weeks. During the 28-36 week period, visits will be bi-weekly, and after 36 weeks onward until birth, the visits will be weekly.  These visits will not only include communication regarding informed decision making but will also include routine prenatal care such as monitoring your blood pressure, listening to the baby’s heart rate, ordering routine blood work and ultrasounds, etc. 

Midwifery care with OMC is comprehensive care focusing on the concept of holistic care to ensure the overall well-being of our clients.

Choice of Birth Place

As Onkwehon:we Midwives, we believe in the sovereign act of choosing a birthplace. Stemming from this belief, we support the choice of planned home birth as a safe option for healthy mothers. We provide medically and culturally safe midwifery care for planned home births. As Onkwehon:we Midwives, we pride ourselves in giving you the knowledge needed to make an informed choice for a birthplace that is right for you and your family.  

Labor and Birth

Midwives provide skilled clinical, physical, and emotional support during labor and delivery.  Midwives are not only trained to guide normal labour and birth at home, but they are also trained to recognize and act on emergencies that may come up in labor and birth.  Studies have shown that if a home birth is attended by trained and competent health care providers home births are as safe as having a baby in a hospital setting. 

In the first few hours after birth there is immediate skin to skin contact followed by uninterrupted bonding and breastfeeding. There are also cultural aspects that could be included during the birth or after to create your ideal birth ceremony. 

While we typically operate between the hours of 8:30-4:30, midwives will become available 24 hours a day (by phone) two weeks prior to birth and two weeks postpartum. Should a transfer of care is necessary, your midwife will still attend in a supportive role.

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Postpartum Care

In the immediate hours after your birth, whether it’s in a hospital or home setting, we remain with you until such time that we are sure you and the baby are well, and breastfeeding is well established.

You and your baby will not need to see another health care provider while in the care of the midwives. We will continue to provide clinical monitoring, support, information and guidance throughout the first six weeks. We will remain you and your baby’s main health care provider unless a serious medical need arises that requires other specialized care.

Postpartum visits will take place at home on the 1st, 3rd, and 7th day, then 2 weeks and 4 weeks after birth. The 6th-week postpartum visit and those thereafter will take place at the midwifery clinic.

If clients have questions or concerns that cannot wait for a scheduled postpartum visit, clients can call the clinic and speak to a midwife.

Moon Time (Puberty) Teachings & Sexual Health Education

Traditional Moon Time Teachings

As part of our Onkwehon:we Traditions, we pass on the sacred knowledge of Moon Time ( Puberty) Teachings to the upcoming generations to better understand their spiritual and emotional connection to Our Grandmother Moon.

Sexual Health Education, Counseling and Support

OMC hosts Sexual Health Education Workshops and Presentations in the community to better our young peoples’ understanding of sexual health and safety. We are here to help you with any sexual health concerns or questions that you may have.

Preconception Counseling

Thinking about starting a family or considering a new addition? We are excited to help you through the beginning stages of family planning with preconception counseling! We can discuss your family planning needs and help guide you.

Traditional Holistic Medicines

As Onkwehon:we Midwives, we believe in the healing power of traditional remedies and herbal medicines and take pride in our traditional knowledge. We offer traditional medicine workshops; encompassing everything from locating herbs in the wild to cultivation and their uses as medicine. We also carry products to suit your herbal remedy needs.

Breastfeeding Support

After our initial postpartum counseling, we offer one-on-one breastfeeding support for the first year of life for the new baby. We are happy to offer support and counseling so that you feel comfortable and prepared to nurse your baby.

Well Woman Care

In order to protect the vitality of our women in our community, we offer many well woman care services. We offer appointments for pap screening, breast exams, and routine sexual health screening for women throughout the lifespan.

Car Seat Safety

Protection of our next generation is important to us and we believe that car seat safety is one precaution we can utilize. We provide car seat safety clinics and one-on-one car seat installation sessions so that you can take your little ones on car adventures. We want everyone to drive away from the session with peace of mind in knowing that their little ones are safe while riding in vehicles.

Cultural Workshops

Our Onkwehon:we culture and way of life is important to us, so we are pleased to offer cultural workshops for our community members to participate in and enjoy. From traditional teachings to traditional art, our workshops are designed to reinvigorate traditional ways and protect our culture through the sharing of knowledge.

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