In the midst of the trials we faced during the past few years, a profound presence emerged, reminding us of our innate wisdom—the Eagle (à:kweks). One of our midwives astutely observed that “this was the time of the eagles," as these majestic beings revealed themselves to us in remarkable ways.

Our OMC team and families were blessed with countless sightings of eagles soaring above, unlike anything we had witnessed before. Each encounter carried a deep connection, stirring something within our spirits.

In a beautiful synchronicity, we received a breathtaking painting from a local artist friend, capturing the essence of the eagle which depicted this magnificent being soaring in divine light against a backdrop of endless blue skies. The image emanated transcendence, reminding us of our intrinsic connection to the sacred.

The eagle, a timeless symbol of Divine light and love, emerged as our guide through these trying times. It beckoned us to rise above the hardships, to embrace a higher perspective rooted in our indigenous wisdom, and to honor the divine presence that resides within us all.

Through their graceful flight, eagles taught us to navigate life's storms with the strength, grace, and resilience of our ancestors. They urged us to see beyond immediate challenges and embrace a broader understanding of our interconnected world.

During this time of the eagles, we were reminded that we are all divine beings of light, momentarily inhabiting physical forms. The eagle's presence serves as a gentle reminder, calling us to awaken our inner radiance and honor the sacred connections that unite all living beings.

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