The Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective extends its sincerest greetings and congratulations to all the expectant families in Akwesasne! We recognize that this is a momentous and exhilarating period in your lives, and we want you to feel the unwavering support of our community throughout your journey.

We hold immense respect for the strength, resilience, and inherent wisdom of Onkwehonwe mothers, fathers, and families. We believe in the power of physiologic birth and your ability to make choices that resonate with your unique journey. We at OMC are here to actively listen, educate, and help you feel empowered in making your own informed decisions about your care, and to provide unwavering support throughout the entirety of your experience.

May this extraordinary journey be filled with boundless joy, love, and countless blessings. Remember that you are never alone on this path, as the community at Akwesasne stands with you 100%, supporting the miracle of life and honoring the sacredness of motherhood.

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